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  • $10 million public liability insurance
  • Work Cover
  • Height Safety Certificate

Roof guttering and solar panel cleaning – we look after you!

Ben’s Gutter Cleaning is a family focussed business that started eight years ago when Ben Miller realised he had a knack for staying cool and calm in high places.

The most important thing to us is providing personalised, friendly and efficient services so you never have to worry about roof guttering maintenance or solar panel cleaning.

Taking on tasks like this is not only tedious and time consuming – it can be dangerous. Working at heights is not a good idea for anybody who is untrained. It’s not worth the risk. And if you’re after an adrenalin rush, wouldn’t you rather do something fun instead?

We clean gutters and solar panels on any building or premises, any height from a single storey home to a six floor building:
  • Houses
  • Apartments
  • Units
  • Schools
  • Industrial (including factories)
  • Commercial
Based in Broadbeach, we service all of Brisbane and the Gold Coast, down as far as Kings Cliff.

Protect your home and family