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Gutter cleaning is essential to protecting your roof and property from extreme weather, debris build up and pest infestation!


Is cleaning gutters last on your chore list?

It’s first on ours. You’ll find great rates, friendly and reliable service.

Cleaning gutters protects your home and family

Not many of spend a lot of time up on the roof – for good reason. It’s dangerous, dirty and tiring work to get up there. But roofs, and gutters in particular, can be a breeding ground for a whole lot of problems. Gone unchecked these can escalate to present a serious threat to the safety of your home and family.

When cleaning gutters slips down your priority list you risk:

  • Gutters clogged with leaves and other debris turning your house into a fire hazard
  • Water entering your house in heavy rain and storms
  • Contaminated water getting into rainwater tanks
  • Contaminated water flowing down stormwater drains back into our waterways
  • Making a home for pests such as spiders, rats, mosquitoes, mice and cockroaches

How often should I get my gutters cleaned?

This really depends on what’s around you. We have clients that require it to be completed monthly, some two monthly, others quarterly and six monthly. Ben’s Gutter Cleaning recommends a minimum of 6 monthly. This means your gutters will be well looked after and if a problem occurs your insurance company is much more likely to pay your claim.

We’re on a tight budget already - it’s cheaper to do it

Ben’s Gutter Cleaning isn’t part of a big franchise. As a home grown business, we completely understand the financial pressures faced by people and families on a budget.

That’s why we are committed to keeping our rates reasonable. If you’ve requested quotes for cleaning gutters in the past, you may have found the prices a bit steep. Some bigger companies can push the price scale up.

But we don’t see cleaning gutters as a premium service. We see it as an essential one. Like servicing your car, insuring your home – you can’t afford the financial risk of letting these things go.

And while it may seem easy enough to get up on the roof and clean out the gutters, if you’ve ever tried it you’ll know that it is tiring and time consuming. It’s also dangerous.

There’s a reason all of our staff have height safety training and certification. It’s not worth the personal risk to you or your family to be cleaning out gutters.

Our team is fast and efficient. We’ll assess your roof, environment and property and let you know how often your gutters should be cleaned. And we’ll book you into our reminder service so you never have to worry about it again.