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Gutter cleaning is essential to protecting your roof and property from extreme weather, debris build up and pest infestation!

Gutter Guards

Gutter guard reviews don’t always tell you the full story

Are you aware of the efficiency of gutter guards. Don’t make a decision without knowing all the facts!

The truth about gutter guard reviews

We all want to reduce the amount of time and money we spend on chores. Particularly those jobs around the house that take us away from leisure activities and time with family and friends.

That’s why gutter guards sound like a great idea. Install them once and never have to worry about cleaning your gutters again.

Sound too good to be true? Unfortunately – it is.

Obviously, gutter guard manufacturers have a vested interest in positive gutter guard reviews. And there are some good quality products around which might help reduce the amount of debris in your gutters and therefore how often you need to have them cleaned.

But in our experience, many gutter guards – particularly mesh guards – do little to reduce build up in gutters. In some cases they can make matter worse.

Gutter guards can make matters worse

As you can see, leaves, sticks and other items sit on top of the mesh. Over time, they break down and slip through the mesh, blocking drainpipes and rendering the gutter guards pretty useless.

The other thing you need to consider is cost. Again, many gutter guard reviews don’t address the issue of cost comparison.

Installing a mesh gutter guard could cost up to $6,000 for a single storey house. Ben’s Gutter Cleaning could clean your gutters 4 x per year for over 10 years and it would still cost you less!

And there is just no comparison when it comes to consistency and effectiveness. Wouldn’t you rather have a trained expert personally check your gutters regularly than rely on a gutter guard?

Regular gutter maintenance is the best way to stay updated with the state of your gutters and roof.

It’s worth seeking out gutter guard reviews on a couple of neutral building and handy hint advice sites (such as Ask the Builder, or How Stuff Works) to get a real sense of the effectiveness of guards.